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31 Jul 2013 
When we have activity, the motor broken in a night, there is no repair shop was opened at that time , there is no any ways to solve this , at last ,every body do their best to repair it themself, depending on a little knowledge of how to repair motor at the usual time, If this method canít work, I guess may be the dirt bike engine is broken, we will send the motor to the motor friendís home near here,put it well, and wait to be repaired tomorrow,in a hard time, you will know how hard that friendship is .

Especially when we have a big party, there always have several person help to organize the party, arrange motor, or clean the hobby, they put themselves out of the way, so we thank them so much, our dear motor friends, they just hope this party will hold successfully. And all the people who take part in the party will have a nice night, if you are me, you may move by these good brother.

Speaking about the activity,our camp have activity nearly everyday,generally speaking, it divided into two big part, one is daily activities, it was always at night, go to KTV, have dinner, or climb mountains, play basketball, drink wine, talking about the attainment experience. We also discuss about the trouble in our work, the bad mood in our daily life, after all , we al share happiness and sorrow, and another part is trip, just like travel around the city, the motor performance, or ride the new motor for have a try.†

If we go to have a trip , we may choose the Statutory holidays,because all our member can have time to get together, more people, more funs, and the large party is summer camp and winter camp, and the summer camp place we choose to play is Lumin lake in Zhongshan, itís near the the national road, so it is convenient for motor friends, by the way , the scenery of that place is so beautiful, the sunshine is good, itís a fine day ,we ride the motor on the good road, laughed and shout loudly, take away the bad mood, and bring good mood, the another place is Nanshui village, this place have full-bodied civilization of water , and we got to the beach several times, some friends said ,he likes the beach very much,these places become our first choice, we have organized several times, so we have a little experience.†

When we make the next timeís plan ,we will think more across-the-board, we focus on the details. For example, this time, we go to Taishan on 1st, May, we also go to join the activity in Jiangmen ,because these two place are the same road, motor trip. We may feel the civilization of local , not only enrich our knowledge and content, but also have discuss with other riders, itís benefit for the development of motor camp. We are all glad to do this, we a re so happy, we all hope the camp can develop more better.

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29 Jul 2013 


In a 150cc motorsí test, we gain much support from Wuben, Haojue, Lifan, Jianshe and Yamaha, totally are five big manufactures, thanks for their supports. Offer us about 150 motors that are new style and popular in the market, undoubtly, these motors can be chosen for this comparison are all the best motors ,including its function , performance, its appearance, the degree of comfort, maybe the all aspect, of course, the 150cc motors must be the best ones, because in this way can we make a good comparison , then get a exact result, write a proposal that handing out advices and take measures for motor market to be better.

On the other hand, even through they all the best motor, there are difference between them, the price , the performance, the appearance, the function ,the conformation, technique ,manipulation ,and so on, so many factors get together, for example,the yamaha dirt bike parts , the different parts have different functions. So ,they have advantages and disadvantages. And we help the players and consumers choose a type of one for them according to their different request to motor ,this is the real purpose.†

In terms of manufactures , each has good or bad, and different features. This is Normal performance , of course, we difficult to make sure the result of comparison is accurate, there are little diversity in it, we are not use any machines to test it , because the list of technical parameter of motor in our hands, so the every manufacture test their motor theirselves, then the result may be more exact than ours.

We focus on the feeling of every group of consumers, avoid the one-sided result,or say subjective evaluation , we need judge it more fair from many aspects, if a customer want to buy a motor, he will consider from two sides, on one hand, he may reference the Technical parameter index of manufactures, but mainly is his Subjective feelings , such as , is it beautiful? Is it easy to handle? The performance is good? Is it comfortable? Can it save oil? Like these questions.

The comparison make this activities more interesting. I see someone walk around the two motors ,he looks so hesitate, he canít make a decision between this two motor,may be he donít know which one suit him, donít worry, you see, our worker come toward him ,and ask him whatís the question he hesitate, he discussed with our worker, then they analyze the different advantages and disadvantage between them, at last ,they give the customer some advices and suggests, I believe the man know which one he should choose.

The aim of comparison and competition is fair to judge every motors, please use an objective and open eye to view the motor market, let more people pay close attention to our new and hot style of motor. And take the motor that they love home. We can be better, and we all do our best to become that, find the disadvantages , and improve it, make it more perfect, this is our target, if you have any good suggestion about motor, donít hesitate to tell us, we will show you a better one.

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24 Jul 2013 
Fuel pump is one of the most important components in a vehicle"s fuel delivery system. If it is doing well, fuel delivery system functions normally. But, once the fuel pump fails, the car engine ceases to run. However, the failure of fuel pump and the inconvenience it causes can be prevented by identifying the early warning signs.

In this article, we will discuss the common causes of fuel pump failure and its warning signs.Broken wiring: Broken or faulty wiring in the vehicle's fuel system prevents the current flow to the fuel pump from the relay. Even the corroded, loose, melted or burnt wires/connectors, and poor electrical grounding can restrict the current or voltage flow from the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump, thus, affecting its functioning - pumping fuel to the engine.

Problems in the fuel tank: Presence of dust/debris, rust or dirty fuel in fuel tank can result in the malfunctioning of the fuel pump. During cool and humid weather, when the tank is low, fuel tank gets moist leading to the oxidation of fuel tank and formation of rust. As the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank, the rust will be ingested in to the fuel pump, bringing about its failure.

Clogged fuel filter: Usage of dirty fuel or presence of contaminants in the fuel tank can clog the pickup strainer or filters present in the fuel lines. This results in low pressure and low peak flow of fuel that weaken the functioning of fuel pump.

Clogged filters are generally associated with damaged fuel line connectors/splits or cracked hoses or kinked fuel lines that lead to leakage of fuel. These cracks or leaks on the fuel lines can create vacuum leaks, which disturb the air-fuel ratio, thus, making the engine run lean.

Driving with low fuel level: The durability of the fuel pump depends on the lubrication and the cooling provided by the fuel. Running your vehicle on a low gas tank frequently, may heat up the fuel tank much quicker, ultimately overheatsing the fuel pump. As a result, due to the lack of lubrication, the fuel pump becomes dry and gets damaged.

Identifying a bad fuel pump: Failing fuel pump shows many warning signs, which when identified at the right time, will avoid complete damage to the fuel pump. A few warning signs are quite clearly evident if the fuel pump is thoroughly checked - broken hoses, fuel leaks, discolored electrical terminals, burnt or bubbled plastic at the fuel pump fuse, etc.

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22 Jul 2013 
First Part †The Hardships Part†

Because the Spring Festival is in winter, the most coldest season in a year, so compared with other traffic tools, itís hardly to take a motor go home. The cold is needless to say, we all felt it, just one point, we all pray that it never rain in the journey, you can just close you eyes and image that scene, in a rainy day, or some snow, dense fog, you wear a raincoat , you canít see the road condition in front of you, is it downhill path? upward slope? or steep slopes?you donít know nothing at must be very carefull, on the other hand, you have many goods behind you,you canít lose them, so many case should be considered.

On the way, we see many anti-cold basic equips such as gloves, woollen blanket ,plastic bag, galoshes is 15RMB, but you will moved when you see someone, for instance. A man take a lot of baggage on the motor.bags, carton and boxes, so high.we asked him what is that, he told us, itís his wife their baby and his cloths, his wife and daughter buy the train ticket of 160 per person to go home, he is responsible for take these cloths home. So hard, I just wanna say.†

And another couple looks about 50 years old, they just wear a little cloth. In another word,They are scantily clad ,after add 50 yuan oil,they ride out with onerous luggage ,but they are not convenient to go down for a cup of hot tea. And the volunteers gives them two cups of hot tea and let them warm their hands, then, they help the couple tie the kneelet n there knees, protect their knees from cold that cause the arthritis, so many kind-hearted person. If they take a baby, I canít imange what picture it will be, Someone lose the dashboard. And they take a carton as it, we use the†
video camera to record all of that, I hope everybody can be save when they arriving home.juast come on .

Part Two †Warm Hearted Part
Actually, when we talked with them, we find they are happy, not worry. a boyís father ride the motor ,and he looks so happy that he is writting micro-blogger, i guess he may write, we will go home right now, get togethe with sisters and brother, and eat many delicious food, eapecially my lovely dumplings. Wow. So cool. And someone write the screen names of motorcycleís forum on the tailstockof motor.†

And a happy three-person family, their bany is so cute, and there has two brothers come back from Guizhou which they work .also ,there are many beautiful girls ,romantic sweethearts with same cloths, they are show their sweet love,I wanna cry, a father take a new bike for his son, the love ,friendship and family Love are showed anywhere. it may be the common scence, but itís the artless emotion touch your deeply part i nyour heart, you canít control that †the tears leapt from your eyes, it moved you. The warm hearted, is transmitting, not interrupt, letís bless them for safe to go home.

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18 Jul 2013 
What is the angle of visibility of the light? It does you no good if you can only see the light from one single point - you want to be sure your light can be seen from a wide range of angles, especially for your rear light.

Do you get multiple levels of brightness (for your front light) or different flashing modes? It's nice to have different flashing modes on your rear because it catches people's attention at lot quicker than a steady light.How long do the lights' batteries last? You don't want to get caught out with a dead battery.

You need to decide first what sort of use you will give the lighting system, both in terms of brightness needs and in terms of frequency/duration of use. If you only use a headlight occasionally then a simple clamp-on disposable battery unit is apt to be fine. If you will use the light to commute morning and evening in the dark, and your total commute time is 90 minutes, you need something entirely different .

Unfortunately, I've not found a site that tests headlights for brightness and battery life, so you have to go by what the vendors say, which is often wishful thinking, or at least meaningless mumbo-jumbo.

But, for the OP, living in the city, probably most important is a flashing taillight, the brighter the better. The headlight can be a simple clamp-on model. I once had a flashing xenon strobe similar to this and it was the cat's pajamas.

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